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  • Therapeutic Bathing Rituals from Around the World

    Taking a hot bath after a long day has become second nature; just a way to get rid of the dirt buildup while also unwinding. Spending 10 to 15 minu...
  • Why Use Olive Oil Soap? Here Are the Top 5 Benefits

    While we’ve come a long way since the times of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, you’ve got to hand it to them, those guys knew a lot about personal hygiene. Olive oil soap - also known as Aleppo soap or Marseille soap - has been widely used for centuries, and there are more than a few reasons why we should still use it today. 
  • Green or Black: Pick your favorite

    A little bit about olive trees and the differences between black and green olives, and their harvesting techniques.
  • What makes a soap a soap? Let’s get a little technical

    Understand the difference between a soap and a detergent. The most basic difference is a soap's TFM. Historically, TFM has been used between suppliers to grade their merchandise. End consumer, rarely knows about it.
  • Acheter des produits artisanaux, quels impacts?

    Acheter artisanal équivaut à dire : Je participe à préserver un patrimoine et une culture.
  • Biodegradation versus Chemical Decomposition

    Messing with nature is not a good thing. Using greenwashing marketing techniques to lead consumers into mistakenly using a polluting product is a crime. Spread the culture of "Read the ingredients of what you're buying".

  • Un savon d'Alep liquide; est-ce possible?

    La réponse à cette question nécessite réflexion. La recette du savon d’Alep requiert de l’hydroxyde de sodium à être mélangé and de l’huile pour ab...
  • How is soap made?

    Saponification is the chemical reaction between a base (such as the caustic soda) with an acid (such as oil) in the presence of water. The product ...
  • Can you produce a liquid Aleppo soap?

    The short answer is "It depends". The longer one is the following: Aleppo soap requires sodium hydroxide to be mixed with oil and water in order t...
  • Coco oil in soap. Is it good?

    Coco, Palm, and Coprah; is it not the same thing?
  • Différence entre l'huile d'olive vierge et extra vierge?

    Savoir ce que l'on consomme est toujours une bonne idée.
  • Castille, Alep, et Marseille, quelles différences?

    La différence entre le savon de Castille, d’Alep et de Marseille est de prime abord leur provenance géographique. Deuxièmement, la date de la mise ...