While we’ve come a long way since the times of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, you’ve got to hand it to them, those guys knew a lot about personal hygiene. Olive oil soap - also known as Aleppo soap or Marseille soap - has been widely used for centuries, and there are more than a few reasons why we should still use it today. 

It’s safe for all 

Olive oil soap is hypoallergenic and extremely soft on all skin types. You can use it on your body, your hair, while shaving, and even on babies’ sensitive skin. Some people have even found it effective in helping to treat conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. 

In addition, because of its mild scent, it doesn’t irritate those with sensitivity to strong smells and perfumes. 

It’s highly moisturizing

You may have noticed that many commercial soaps, shower gels, and shampoos leave your skin feeling dry and/or itchy. This is because their harsh chemicals strip away your body of its natural oils. Olive oil soap, however, clears away all the dirt buildup while retaining your body’s ability to absorb moisture, which leaves you with healthier skin. 

It’s rich in antioxidants

Not only does olive oil soap make your skin healthier, but it also gives it a more youthful look. This is because it’s rich in antioxidants – as well as vitamins A and E, fatty acids and omegas – which fight off the free radicals that make the skin age more rapidly.

It’s long-lasting

Sure, it’s satisfying to lather up with commercial soap and see the foam rise, but the downside to that is that it makes for a short lifespan for the poor bar because commercial soaps contain large amounts of water that easily wash away. Olive oil soap, on the other hand, offers you better cleaning with the same lather effect you’d get with a synthetic bar. What makes a bar last longer is its compactness; meaning the amount of water stuck in-between its molecules of soap. If matured correctly, an olive oil bar should contain no more than 3% water; which means you are getting 97 grams of soap and 3 grams of water. In fact, a 100g soap should last between 50 and 100 full body and hair washes.

It’s environmentally friendly

Olive oil soap is the best choice for the environmentally conscious and/or vegan. The saponification process does not use any animal products, does not produce any hazardous waste, and the soap is biodegradable.

BONUS! - It’s handcrafted by small artisans

By buying olive oil soap, you are supporting a centuries-long craft preserved by dedicated artisans who are passionate about their work. Specifically, the Le Joyau d’Olive recipe has been in the family since the 1800s, and we’re eager to pass it onto many generations to come. Our supply chain directly employs olive growers, millers, and soap masters devoted to a lifelong tradition.